The road drive from Chennai to Kodaikanal covers about 513 kilometres and the average time to cover such a distance is about 9 hours. There is a standard route that is taken by everyone when travelling to Kodaikanal from Chennai. This route branches out into three when you reach closer to Kodaikanal. The standard route is as follows:

Chennai- Chenglepet- Tindivanan- Trichy Bypass- Dindigul Bypass

This standard route till Dindigul Bypass is a preferable route for most individuals who prefer to take the road journey to Kodaikanal. For stopovers and food, Café Coffee Days are found in abundance spread through the highway. Another famous hotel is the hotel Fantasy which provides a wide array of dishes including continental food. Entering the cities, you are bound to pass over is also an option for a wider selection of dishes to choose from.

When passing the Trichy Bypass and reaching Dindigul, you may find some traffic as you will have to pass around 8 to 10 kilometres from Trichy City. Once you reach the bypass, things are pretty smooth sailing as the road widens into a four-lane drive which is broken only by one toll.
From Dindigul Bypass, these are the three routes that can be taken:

Route 1: Batlagundu – Kodaikanal

This is the most preferred route as it is short and has the most efficient road system. If taken, the distance to cover from Chennai to Kodaikanal is 512 kilometres.

Route 2: Palani Bypass – Kodaikanal

This route is not as developed as the first one and is therefore less frequently picked. The distance to cover from this route is 536 kilometres.

Route 3: Kodai Road – Batlagundu – Kodaikanal

The third and final route is a sort of long cut to the first route and adds up to 530 kilometres. Due to this, individuals prefer to just stick to route 1.

Self Drive Cars are also available from Chennai to Kodaikanal and can easily be booked. The base fare of Car rental starts at INR 1200 for a one-day drive from Chennai to Kodaikanal.

Green Valley View (Suicide Point)

Formerly known as Suicide point, the Green Valley View offers a breathtaking view of the plains, deep valleys and hills. The mesmerizing view of the Vaigai Dam is an unforgettable experience. It used to be known as suicide point because of the dangerous valley which is dense and deep; below the point of more than 5000 feet drop.

Located at a distance of 5.5 km from the Kodaikanal Lake, the Green Valley View not just offers a gorgeous view, but is also surrounded by a lot of monkeys. On the way to the point, there are several shops which offer homemade chocolates, ornaments and a wide range of flowers.

Kodai Lake

Kodai Lake, Kodaikanal Overview

Kodaikanal Lake is a manmade lake in the Kodaikanal city which is also known as Kodai Lake. Vera Levinge was the man responsible for the creativity and resources of this lake amidst Kodaikanal town. This lake was developed by the British and early missionaries from the USASA.

The star-shaped lake is centrally located in Kodaikanal and is surrounded by the rich green Palani Hills Range the main watershed for the lake. The lake is situated at an elevation of 2285m above sea level and has an average depth of 3.0m. The lake is at a distance of 3 km from the Kodai Bus stand.

Bear Shola Falls

Located at a mere distance of 2 kilometres from the Kodaikanal Lake, the Bear Shola Falls is a popular tourist spot in the region. This cascade is a seasonal attraction which comes to life in its fullest during the monsoons, when the water flows down from the hilltop making its way through the verdant greenery of the region. An interesting legend behind the unique name of this place is that it was a favourite haunt of a bear who used to frequent this water body to drink water, hence imparting it the name Bear Shola Falls. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere of this destination is a true haven for those who want to escape from concrete forest parks. A visit to this area will bring one up close and personal with many common and rare species of animals and plants.

If you prefer going to someplace which is more reserved and private and is much closer to nature than a jungle of concrete buildings, then you should Bear Shola Falls. Wrapped with dense forests coupled with the chirping of birds, Bear Shola Falls is a little heaven. Also, the forest area of the Western Ghats situated near the falls is a biodiversity hotspot where you can have a rendezvous with our furry friends in the wild.

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